Camille Rose Garcia + RETNA + Ryan McGinness in Art Alliance: The Provocateurs

After doing sold-out and attendance smashing art shows worldwide, we have turned our attention to Chicago. Assembling one of the largest art shows ever done, Art Alliance: The Provocateurs, features trailblazers of the art world such as Shepard Fairey, Swoon, HAZE, Space Invader, Dzine, Mark Mothersbaugh, FAILE, Ryan McGinness, Winston Smith, RETNA, Stanley Donwood, Monica Canilao, Clare Rojas, Estevan Oriol, Evan Hecox, Gary Panter, Jen Stark, Camille Rose Garcia, Revok, Cleon Peterson, D*Face, WK Interact and many others.

The show will be far more than a typical exhibition by combining world class art with experiential and interactive components such as: music, public art, panel discussions, charities, local community interests, and education.

In 2014, the Art Alliance: The Provocateurs exhibition will take place during, and in partnership with, Lollapalooza, one of the largest music festivals in the world, which draws hundreds of thousands of culturally sophisticated and creatively curious visitors to Chicago each summer. The energy and vibrance of our selected visual artists parallels that of the musicians who rock the festival every year. Cross pollinating with the Festival guarantees that the art show will reach beyond the all-too-often narrow audience for art.


Camille Rose Garcia + Mark Ryden in "Art Truancy Celebrating 20 Years of Juxtapoz Magazine"

Since 1994, Juxtapoz has covered the ever-changing landscape of contemporary art, culture and design in the pages of their monthly magazine and website: Inspiring, subversive and original, Juxtapoz offers a vibrant editorial mix that connects with a global audience of creative professionals, students and art enthusiasts. Featured subjects have included painters, photographers, musicians, designers, curators and tastemakers who help define creativity.

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Camille Rose Garcia - USA Today

First, I was reminded of just how brutal the Brothers Grimm could be. Over the years, the original tale has been eclipsed in my mind by the squeaky-clean Disney version, which omits quite a bit. For instance, did you know the Evil Queen first demanded the huntsman bring her Snow White’s lungs and liver? And that she later tried to kill Snow by suffocating her with a corset?

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