Lita Albuquerque - Transparent Earth Part I & II


Transparent Earth Part I
Land Art Installation for the Horizontal-Vertical Biennale Safiental Valley, Switzerland
July 7- October 21, 2018

Transparent Earth Part II
To be realized as a mirror image at the antipode, the other side of the earth off the coast of New Zealand.

This first part of Transparent Earth is a blue female form, situated on top of Tenner Kreuz in Tenna, Switzerland, I have been interested in the horizontal-vertical from a larger, more cosmic scale for quite some time. This sculpture is based on a character I have been developing since 2003 through writing, sculpture and also film.  Weaving through all these works is the story of a 25th century female astronaut whose mission is to seed interstellar consciousness on our planet.

The second part of the Transparent Earth project will be located at its antipode which which will be located on the ocean floor off the Chatam Islands on the Eastern Coast of New Zealand , a mirror image, the same blue figure o lies below the ocean in opposite juxtaposition, the space between them creating a field of resonance, a field of silence and listening, a field of holding, a space of questioning.  Both figures are, as ambassadors of the Earth, imaginatively creating a unity, and a fluidity of expression and communication from a high peak in the Swiss Alps to the bottom of the sea at the other end of the world.

"Transparent Earth" is a continuum of the installations “Particle Horizon”, Laguna Museum of Art;,  "20/20: Accelererando”, Fisher Museum USC, “hEARTH”, at Desert X, Annenberg, Rancho Mirage