Lita Albuquerque @ USC Fisher Museum of Art

Lita Albuquerque’s current exhibition 20/20: Accelerando at USC Fisher Museum will be closing on April 10th.

Lita Albuquerque's 20/20: Accelerando is a haunting 3-gallery (26-minute) film installation with its original music score by artist and composer Robbie C. Williamson.  Together, Albuquerque and Williamson adapted GenIus Remembered, a text Albuquerque began in 2003, into 20/20: Accelerando, a hypnotic film installation that melds myth, nature and sound. 20/20: Accelerando transforms Fisher Museum’s galleries into dark immersive spaces that picture the majesty of the natural world as well as the poetry of human consciousness.

The video documentation of 20/20: Accelerando's opening performance at the Fisher Museum. The 26-minute video documentation is also on view at the Fisher Museum through April 10, 2016.