Lita Albuquerque - Art Scene

The works in Lita Albuquerque’s exhibition “Embodiment” continues her investigation of space, depth and perception. These new wall pieces are large-scale sculpture/paintings in which lush earth-toned raw pigments are juxtaposed with concave disks covered in gold or silver leaf. The center of each work glows like the setting sun or rising moon, drawing the eye like a magnet. Each glow is surrounded by a vast field of color that shimmers and reflects the light that bounces from the skylights and floor. The eye is drawn first to the glowing aura of the silver and gold, but then you venture out from the center to the edges, caught in that pure and unrelenting field of color. Each piece takes one on a journey from known to unknown. One cannot help but let the imagination wander. Albuquerque has had a long history both as a performance artist and a visual artist whose work is centered on the relationship of the body to the world it inhabits and its place in worlds beyond that. These new works continue her nuanced and rich articulation of the spiritual made manifest through abstraction.