Ori Gersht @ Museum Kurhaus Kleve

Ori Gersht - Govert Flinck - Reflecting History


Govert Flinck enjoyed during his lifetime a higher reputation as Rembrandt himself - so far can his work be read as an exemplary example in terms of change of aesthetic evaluation criteria. Due to its cross-linking in the leading social circles Flinck received extensive portrait commissions, in whose realization he smoothly fathomed the limits of this kind, without however exceeding ever - like his teacher Rembrandt.

Exactly at this point is the Israeli video artist Ori Gersht (born 1967 in Tel Aviv), which examines the structures and forms of Flinck'schen plant in terms of the level of artistic freedom and sets about his own position in relation. The since 1988 in London based artist Ori Gersht has already explained in previous projects with the aesthetics and structure of historical painting - for example, with the fascinating life of Juan Sanchez Cotan Still - and transforms them into a present perception. Two of Ori Gersht created especially for Kleve working groups on the subject of historical portraits will accompany the images of Govert Flinck and make the contemporary artistic reception of the Old Master Painting possible.

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