Rosa Loy @ Kunstverein Freunde Aktueller Kunst

Rosa Loy & Neo Rauch

   2.10. - 4:12. 2015

Rosa Loy and Neo Rauch appear to move in a not dissimilar cosmos of imagery and painterly intentions. The difficulty of a coherent interpretation is characteristic of both artistic work. The joining of various content, oddly realistic elements on the part of a fragmented at the same time, but also narratively structured by image inventory is perhaps paradoxically designate as highly calculated Surrealism.Where Loy generates an enigmatic range Female coordinated dream regions and also trauma, smoke quoted repeatedly from technical, historical, political and architectural inputs, which he also calls enigmatic reference systems into being, which in turn consist each reality over stretching individual complexes. Apparently the Personnel is often locates in timeless psychological isolation rooms, but overall configure the two painters repeatedly magical tableau vivants that are complicated enough to simultaneously fall apart again in unique components.