Troika @ Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg & Art First, London

Private views
‘Blackbox’ at the Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg
‘Finding Form’ at Art First, London
Thursday, September 3rd


‘Blackbox’ at the Lehmbruck Museum in Duisburg (DE)

Private view: 3rd September, 7 pm 

3 Sept. 2015 - 3 Apr. 2016
Lehmbruck Museum
Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße 40
47051 Duisburg

The show, including Troika's new sculpture Polar Spectrum, explores the theme of perception, what it is influenced by, its relationship with the concept of truth and the differences between subjective experiences.

Finding Form’ at Art First in London (UK)

Private view: 3rd September, 6-8 pm 

3 Sept. - 3 Oct. 2015
Art First
21 Eastcastle Street
London, W1W 8DD

The exhibition centres on notions of chance and of 'letting go' within the creative process. In the works selected there is a certain aspect of either introducing or submitting to an element of the unknown. The title refers to this quality within each artist's practice - where the resultant work is as much discovered as determined.

The show includes works by Evelyn O’Connor, Atsuo Okamoto, Troika, Douglas White.