The West Coast Avant-Garde

The West Coast Avant-Garde, 1950 - Present
July 17 - September 4, 2015

Kohn Gallery is pleased to announce The West Coast Avant-Garde: 1950 – Present, an exciting group show spanning generations of California-based artists whose varied practices gave rise to a style that resonates in both art history and younger artists today. Many of the most influential post-war American art movements are closely tied to the West Coast, despite being written out of the art historical record until very recently. Pop, Light and Space, action painting, assemblage, Minimalism, Conceptualism, and Hard Edge, to name a few, all had roots in California. Many of these California-based artists knew, or knew of, each other and together developed an avant-garde sensibility that transcended their stylistic or generational differences. 

The West Coast Avant Garde: 1950 – Present is a survey of the incredible work made in California beginning in the mid-1950’s and continuing to present day by a careful selection of influential artists.

Kohn Gallery has championed the careers of West Coast artists for 30 years, not only by representing canonical artists such as as Bruce Conner, Wallace Berman, Joe Goode, John Altoon and Larry Bell, but also by creating challenging and meaningful contemporary contexts.

Selected Press