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Simmons & Burke's newest works at Kohn throb with internal contradiction. Each of the eight huge prints dazzles and daunts. The artists, based in L.A., make their elaborate digital collages with surgical precision and sophistication, but the visual impact of what results has the blunt force of a hammer.

The Younger Generation changed history by turing the camera on themselves; Simmons & Burke construct their own meaning from art masterpieces of eras past; Rain Room comes to the West Coast and everyone leaves dry; Jennah Ward transcends photography with cyanotypes that pay homage to the power of sight.

On Wednesday, October 28, 2015, LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) will host All Souls Eve: an immersive, macabre evening of dinner, cocktails, dancing, and live performances, capped off by silent and live auctions presented exclusively by Artsy.  Artist Sue de Beer will be creating portraits on site, and honorees include Chef Craig Thornton aka Wolvesmouth.  The gala will take place at the historic Ebell of Los Angeles.

Curriculum Vitae

1983 Case Simmons born in Clinton, IA
1982 Andrew Burke born in Greensboro, NC

They both live and work in Los Angeles, CA

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