Giorgio Morandi + Robert Ryman

Kohn Gallery is pleased to present a two-person show featuring the work of Robert Ryman (b. 1930) and Giorgio Morandi (1890 – 1964) who each, across space and time, dedicated themselves to the investigation of object and environment. Using a reductive visual vocabulary, Ryman and Morandi harness the nuances of light and shadow to complicate perception either within the painting or without. 

Painted in muted colors, Morandi’s meditative compositions beautifully blend still life subject matter and interior space so as to almost dissolve one into the other. The still life becomes nearly abstracted, allowing a harmonious rhythm to dominate the composition.  

Robert Ryman began painting his reductive paintings around 1955. Challenging the boundary between painting and sculpture, these textural paintings create a complex surface of rhythmic light and shadow. Underscoring the objecthood of these paintings is the way in which they blend into the space in which they inhabit. 

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