William Monk @ De Ateliers

William Monk (b.1977, Kingston Upon Thames, UK), lives in London Former Ateliers-participant William Monk plugs in the rich tradition of spiritually charged landscape painting. His large canvases feature metallic silver skies, serpentine clouds, glowing arcs and flickering stars above dark forests. These psychedelic galaxies invite the viewer for a closer look, exploring ungainly composition, painstaking refinement and leaps in scale - an immersion in atmospheric magic. Monk won the Jerwood Painting Prize (2009) and Royal Award for Painting (2005). Recently, he had solo exhibitions at Kohn Gallery (Los Angeles, 2015) and James Cohan Gallery (New York, 2014). The artist is represented by Grimm Gallery (Amsterdam).

William Monk - KCRW

William Monk - KCRW

After visiting a number of different galleries last week, I was struck by a few young artists whose paintings would indicate that they are responding to early modern art but not with irony. Nor with awe. I think all of these artists as continuing a compelling conversation.

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