Dennis Hollingsworth - Los Angeles Times

It’s difficult, at first, to pinpoint just what makes a room full of Dennis Hollingsworth’s paintings so very intoxicating, but it surely has something to do with the smell of oil paint. Lots of it. Handfuls at a time, applied in dollops and smeared across the surface of the canvas, or slathered in sheets like glistening slices of prosciutto, or shaped into tight, prickly mounds resembling the shells of chestnuts.

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Dennis Hollingsworth - LA Weekly

While all the city is agog over Frank Gehry, a more intimate take on the Home-Depot-as-muse sensibility is on view at the Carl Berg Gallery, the new Mid-Wilshire space that brings Irvine Fine Arts Center director Berg’s strong curatorial eye and advocacy of midcareer artists to a somewhat more accessible venue.

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