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The Riverside Art Museum welcomes the return of the annual pop surrealist exhibition organized by Bob Self of Baby Tattoo Books, an alternative, underground publishing company based out of Los Angeles.

Cut from neo-Victorian cloth, painters Mark Ryden and Marion Peck are the king and queen of the Lowbrow/Pop Surrealism art scene. A long time cult figure, Ryden's latest show in LA was “The Gay 90's: West," at Kohn Gallery in 2014. Nearly two years in the making, the show drew over 2,000 attendees the first day. Fellow artist Marion is the yin to Ryden's yang; stylistically one can see how each influences the other's work. They are the arbiters of fantasy and exaggerated kitsch, wrapped up in a colorful Victorian epitaph. Collectively, the artists have nearly half a million followers on social media, and their collector roster includes Cliff and Mandy Einstein, singer Katy Perry, and actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

In his 1435 treatise De pictura, the Renaissance-era philosopher Leon Battista Alberti notably laid out the rules for history painting, or istoria, in which rules of perspective and creating a lifelike esemblance to nature, with a clear emphasis on notions of beauty and visual pleasure, are given top priority. Equally important for Alberti was the idea that the spectator of a painting ought to be able to conceptually enter into that picture.

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Mark Ryden lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

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