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In the last few years, a number of major Los Angeles art galleries relocated to new, larger and more ambitiously designed spaces. A couple of weeks ago, Michael Kohn Gallery opened the doors of its impressive new space on Highland Avenue. Its large main gallery, with its skylights and 22-foot ceiling, has the gravitas of a museum space. The new space was inaugurated with an exhibition by well known LA artist Mark Ryden, who has a following not only among serious art collectors, but among young, hip crowds as well.

Leonardo DiCaprio is an ardent collector of his macabre paintings. Katy Perry refers to his imagery in Twitter posts, and Amanda Seyfried has practically begged to be his muse. (“I’d love for him to paint a caricature of me with blood trickling down my throat and me holding a dead cat,” she told W magazine.) That gown of raw meat that Lady Gaga donned on MTV a few years ago? Derived from one of his best-known works.

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Mark Ryden lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

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