Joe Goode @ Texas Gallery

Opening Thursday, April 28, 6 - 8p

Curtain Calls
Texas Gallery, 2012 Peden Street, Houston, TX

Ryan McGinness - Juxtapoz

What we have always loved about Ryan McGinness is that he loves to break things down. He breaks down the idea of the painting, the idea of the artist painting the painting, the idea of the artist in the studio painting the painting while breaking down the idea of painting. So it seems perfect that his newest show at Kohn Gallery in LA, on view through April 22, is called "#metadata."

Ryan McGinness - Los Angeles Times

Ryan McGinness' new work in "#metadata," on view at Kohn Gallery, is nothing if not dense — with brilliant color and surreal imagery. Working with sketches he recorded over five years — incorporating symbols drawn from his dreams, pop culture and everyday observations — the artist made dizzying silk-screen designs.