Lita Albuquerque
John Altoon
Wallace Berman
Larry Bell

Charles Brittin
Bruce Conner
Richard Diebenkorn
Llyn Foulkes

Joe Goode
Jess Collins
John McLaughlin
Ed Ruscha


The West Coast Avant-Garde - ADAA

Kohn Gallery has championed West Coast avant-garde artists from its space in Los Angeles for the past thirty years - beginning long before the postwar California art scene was recognized by the art world at large.

The West Coast Avant-Garde - Artweek.LA

Many of the most influential post-war American art movements are closely tied to the West Coast, despite being written out of the art historical record until very recently. Pop, Light and Space, action painting, assemblage, Minimalism, Conceptualism, and Hard Edge, to name a few, all had roots in California.

The West Coast Avant-Garde - Widewalls

The various practices of Californian artists made their mark in art history and influenced many young artists of today. That is why Kohn gallery in Los Angeles has organized group exhibition of works by some of the best California born or based artist. The West Coast Avant-Garde: 1950 – Present will display works by 12 artists that were carefully selected by Kohn gallery representatives.