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Jonathan Lyndon Chase - The Brooklyn Rail

Jonathan Lyndon Chase envisions sex with a novel mixture of the carnal and tender. 4 number 8’s on a rainy day (2017) is a drawing portraying a dreamlike orgy with human figure eight forms in a vaguely defined room, their faces expressing various stages of pleasure.

Rosa Loy - The New York Times

This summer, some of Germany’s most noted artists are lending their talents to two high-profile productions at prestigious music festivals. In late June, Georg Baselitz furnished somber and mournful sets for Pierre Audi’s production of “Parsifal” at the Munich Opera Festival. Meanwhile, in Bayreuth, the husband-and-wife artist duo, Neo Rauch and Rosa Loy, are working on the new “Lohengrin” overseen by the American director Yuval Sharon, which is set to open the annual Wagner Festival on July 25.

Jonathan Lyndon Chase - Los Angeles Times

There’s a lot going on in Jonathan Lyndon Chase’s chaotic paintings of gay black men, often in sexual congress. They capture the inchoate feelings of intertwining oneself with another body, but they also reflect a raw engagement with fragmented facets of gender, racial and sexual identity.