Bruce Conner - The New Yorker

In 1963, Bruce Conner decided to find himself. He was back in San Francisco, after a year in Mexico documenting his search for mind-altering mushrooms (Timothy Leary has a flickering cameo in the resulting short film).

Ori Gersht - KCRW

Art reviews from art critics Edward Goldman and Hunter Drohojowska-Philp.

Photographers as Magicians and Tricksters on Art Talk.

Ori Gersht - Flaunt

In a time when the world is constantly depicted to us through images, what is real: the tangible world or the reflected world? Can we even make a distinction between the two? How does it affect our approach to what we encounter? Ori Gersht’s work addresses these issues through two photographic series, On Reflection and Floating World at the Kohn Gallery.