Engender - Artillery


Moving well past a theme dominant in recent contemporary fine (and popular) art, Friedman’s brilliantly curated (and gorgeous) show of painting saw us through to a deeper, more complex and nuanced—and richly generative—consideration of identity in the 21st century

Engender - RAGE

The construct of what makes us male and female is perhaps one of the most obdurate that we as a society face. More often than not, in our need to make comfortable our understanding of things not simply defined, we seek to classify in extremes, simplifying what should be a delightful spectrum into simplistic, unthreatening terms of black and white.

Engender - Dujour

As Hollywood continues to reckon with widespread allegations of sexual assault and toxic masculinity, L.A.’s art scene has offered some solace in the form of the binary-smashing exhibit “Engender.” The show, which opened at Kohn Gallery this weekend, attracted a tide of progressive arts patrons, including actress and survivor Rose McGowan, who is currently leading the charge against Harvey Weinstein and gendered power dynamics in the industry.