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Tschabalala Self and Jonathan Lyndon Chase at Thierry Goldberg

Tschabalala Self and Jonathan Lyndon Chase are artists whose paintings aim to provide a more wholesome, projection-free representation of female and queer black bodies. Both painters depict subjects that, as Self puts it, “are fully aware of their conspicuousness and are unmoved by their viewer’s gaze”. While Self’s acrylic paintings, which often incorporate fabric, have received broad media coverage and critical acclaim, most recently helping her acquire a spot in the Forbes 30 under 30 list, Jonathan Lyndon Chase’s works certainly are just as noteworthy. His acrylic paintings, sometimes depict men, sometimes gender fluid people, both of them occasionally boasting Nike swooshes and dollar signs. They all share a raw sexual energy ranging from bold to tender, defying stereotypical notions of black queerness and instead providing the visual representation of a highly multilayered cultural identity.