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Ryan McGinness Opens "#metadata" at KOHN GALLERY

After teaming up with the likes of Adrian Falkner, AJ Fosik, Cleon Peterson, Faile, Hacer, Kelsey Brookes, Mars-1, POSE, REVOK, Sam Friedman, Shepard Fairey, and Swoon for a group show at Detroit’s Library Street Collective last month, New York-based Ryan McGinness is back with a brand new exhibition of his own. His second solo show at LA’s KOHN GALLERY, “#metadata” offers up both an experiential installation and new paintings from two different bodies of work: “Studio Views” and “Screen Combines.” While “Studio Views” consists of paintings-of-paintings (depicting McGinness’ own studio space and the sawhorses, silkscreens and paint buckets used in his creative process), “Screen Combines” removes those tools entirely and instead places them amongst works in the gallery itself — thus forcing visitors to navigate a maze of silkscreens in order to locate his smaller works. In signature McGinness form, surreal symbols and modernist signs are employed throughout.

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