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Basel Advice from Art Advisor Mia Romanik

by Hunter Braithwaite

Art advisor Mia Romanik shares her expertise on the financials of collecting art.

With more than $3 billion worth of art on display at last year’s Art Basel and a host of “satellite” art shows taking place all over town, there are treasures to be had at this year’s fairs, but knowing a good “get” when you see one sometimes requires a little help. Mia Romanik is an art advisor who trades in her knowledge of art history and relationships in the art world to help her clients build and maintain collections. Born and raised in Hollywood, Florida, she travels to fairs, galleries, and studios around the world on behalf of her clients.

Who do you think are four artists to watch at this year’s Art Basel in Miami Beach?
Cory Arcangel explores our society’s rapid pace of consumption through obsolete technologies and cultural ephemera. His work operates as a time capsule of our generation.
Represented by Team Gallery in New York and Lisson Gallery in London and Milan.

Jonas Wood’s paintings of domestic interiors, televised sports, houseplants, and sports trading cards turn moments from the artist’s life into kaleidoscopic collages of color, shape, and pattern.
Represented by Anton Kern in New York, David Kordansky in Los Angeles, and Shane Campbell in Chicago.

Eddie Martinez is masterful with paint, both technically and through his knowledge of art history.
Shows with Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles and Timothy Taylor in London.

The works of Tony Lewis, an African-American artist based out of Chicago, revolve around text, with a connection to other language-oriented artists such as Ligon, Kruger, and Holzer.
Shows with Shane Campbell and Massimo de Carlo.

Are more people collecting because of a love for art or because they see it as any other type of financial investment?
People collect for all different reasons, with a love for art always being the platform to start on. However, there has been a lot of investment opportunity for art over the past few years.

Is there a risk of art depreciating in value?
Collecting and investing in art should be based on passion for the work, but as with any other investment, there is risk involved. Art is hard to buy and often hard to sell, too.

How do your younger clients behave in comparison to the older generation?
Younger clients are definitely more excited by the investment opportunity side of this business. Older clients are a bit more comfortable in what they are looking to achieve with their collection and its focus.